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Special Delivery from Tijuana. It’s Tacos.

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Tijuana love affairs are not typically the stuff of storybook romance.

Then again, they usually don’t involve tacos.

Once upon a time there was Kokopelli, an enchanted food truck driving around the streets of Tijuana grilling octopi and swordfish that—poof—magically transformed into a Wicker Park taqueria that opens tomorrow. (Check out the menu and the slideshow.)

You two are predicted to live happily ever after.

Fine. We’ve taken a liberty or two with the narrative. But yes, Kokopelli’s first north-of-the-border brick-and-mortar is about to exist.

So go. Sit at a rustic wood table set with a rainbow of colored plates. Listen to some Mexican reggae that conspires to create an atmosphere of “I don’t know where the hell I’m supposed to be, but I like it.”

Soon enough, spicy margaritas and minty mezcal cocktails that call themselves Smoky Gueys will show up. You’ll slowly transition into a Mexican-beach state of mind. And then you’ll commence taco-ing.

They come three to an order and are made for sharing. The Pibil with roasted swordfish, the Kraken with grilled octopus and the Rasta with chimichurri-marinated shrimp are a good start. Then again, so is pork rind guacamole. You might not share that.

Your beneficence is spotty regarding matters of guacamole.

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