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Taxidermy and Pasta in West Town

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You know what it takes to set the right mood.

A little Chianti.

Some seductive spaghetti twirling.

The head of a wild boar.


Looks like all signs point to Charlatan as your new not-so-average date spot. It’s opening tonight in West Town.

The guys behind Three Aces are also behind this. But if you spent some wild nights there drinking whiskey and getting into unnecessarily intense conversations with someone... well, this is where you’ll continue the conversation in a quieter setting.

Yes, there are still some edgy touches—chains hanging from the ceiling, Day-of-the-Dead-meets-French-toile wallpaper, and deer, buffalo and boar heads mounted on the wall. It’s its own special kind of romantic. (See the slideshow here.)

It’ll all start with an apple-brandy-and-Belgian-ale concoction called Dr. Feelgood. Things will progress into whipped mortadella and black pepper rigatoni with wild boar ragù over bottles of sangiovese. Everything’s going to work out.

Of course, you could always throw a wild card into the mix and opt for a roasted pig’s head.

You don’t really know someone until you see how they handle a pig’s head.


1329 W Chicago Ave
(at Throop)
Chicago, IL, 60642


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