Party McFly

This Site Makes You Better at Throwing Parties

A0edacc7b08d2ba544f515d300619e70Hair. Go-karts. Strawberry preserves. Billy Joel.

Robots. Tom Hanks. Godzilla. André 3000.

Congratulations. You’ve just set your party to autopilot...

Which can easily be explained with See Hear Party, a new site that automatically generates strange and miraculous music videos based on your random suggestions like the ones up there, now online.

1) Go to the site and enter up to four things you want to see. Any four things. Really explore the space here.
2) Enter a song or an artist or let it pick one on its own.
3) Click “party!”

And there you are. “Partying.” Because now there’s an endless stream of awkward yet fascinating video clips flashing across your screen. And an endless playlist of songs coming out of your speakers. And you made that happen.

You made crescent rolls and Iggy Azalea happen.

This is shaping up to be a great little Tuesday.

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