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An Online Custom Suit Maker Lands in FiDi

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Once upon a time, the Internet was invented and you could buy suits there.

Cute story.

Real cute.

Now is the era of Indochino, the online-only haberdashery that is no longer online-only—their first real-world shop on the West Coast opens tomorrow where Union Square meets FiDi. (See the slideshow here.)

Sometimes, to know a suit is going to work on you, you just... you need the real world. You need to walk into a nice place and sit on a black leather chesterfield sofa. You need to get measured by a pro. You need to give side-eye to a mannequin and feel some tweed under your fingertips.

All that’s what happens here. Your appointment will become a 30-minute whirlwind of fabric swatches and thoughtful discourse on herringbone versus pinstripes.

They don’t do shoes here, but everything ankle-up can happen—shirts, pants, vests, cufflinks. Done. Once you’ve made your decisions, it’ll be three to four short weeks until the new version of you exists, the one who just had a new suit delivered to your office.

With great suiting comes great responsibility.


61 Post St
(near Kearny)
San Francisco, CA, 94104


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