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Rag & Bone Sets Up on Fillmore

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Things you can do here today:

1) Charge your brand-new iPhone, if you’re one of those people.

2) Get some good new jeans you can wear the hell out of pretty much every day. If you’re one of those people.

We speak herein of Rag & Bone, our city’s first outpost of the can’t-really-go-wrong-here New York label—the store’s now open on Fillmore, and you can and should take a look at the slideshow here.

Sure, you could’ve previously gotten something Rag & Bone–concocted over at Barneys in Union Square. But they didn’t have everything, and also you had to deal with Union Square.

Now—now you go into this sunlit corner spot, with all the concrete swaths and brass finishes you’d expect to find. You consider how basically everyone looks good in black, gray and olive green, and you can kind of throw whatever together and it just works. Chinos. Sturdy boots. Maybe a lean button-down and a green sweater for some after-dark food truckery.

And yes, they even thought to put iPhone charging stations with little shelves in two of the three dressing rooms.

Let’s all hope dressing room Tindering does not become a thing.


Rag & Bone
2066 Fillmore St
(at California)
San Francisco, CA, 94115


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