Terror in the Jungle

The Mailbag

Five Acres of Haunted Jungle. Godspeed.

None Sometimes, we get mail. And sometimes (okay, this is the first time), we respond to the good stuff. Burning inquiries, meet critical intel. We call it: The Mailbag. Guess it’s self-explanatory.

The topic: Terror in the Jungle.

I’ve seen some strange things happening on Watson Island this week. What gives?
—Mike L, South Beach

UD: Only the zombie apocalypse. If you’re curious as to what that looks like, feel free to give the five acres of dark, demon-and-undead-infested paths at Jungle Island a go. Then, there’s a 10,000-square-foot haunted pyramid you’ll have to contend with.

I’ve watched I Am Legend a few (okay, 35) times. Am I ready for this?
—Juan Carlos P, Brickell

UD: Sure. But no broken bones going in. Also, don’t “punch or slap” the zombies.

Are kids allowed?
—Ana M, Kendall

UD: No. But you might find some hanging out at the on-site child care. Throw them a Lunchables and a high five. Kids love that kind of thing.

Five acres. That’s a lot. I’m going to need a drink. What’re my options?
—Lori L, Wynwood

UD: Your ticket gets you into the after-party at E11even. Featuring: a DJ, horror flicks and Bloody Temple cocktails with gin and some red-colored substance.

Probably just grenadine. Probably.


Terror in the Jungle
at Jungle Island
1111 Parrot Jungle Trl
Miami, FL, 33132

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