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Have a Teleprompter on You at All Times

None Awards season. You might’ve heard: it’s coming.

And as the next cycle of mania begins anew, the specter of two words haunts everyone in this town who might find themselves on stage accepting, presenting or standing in the general vicinity of a microphone and a trophy:

“Adele Dazeem.”

Speechify better with PromptSmart, a new teleprompter-ish app that’ll help you remember your agent/mother and avoid any unfortunate Travolta moments, now available for iPad and iPhone.

Lots of situations where having this would be critical. Guiding that voiceover guy through a hungover recording session on your low-budget indie. Practicing breezy intros in your home’s perfectly recreated Tonight Show basement studio. If you... don’t have one of those, it could also help you out with, like, a presentation at work or an intricate birthday toast at Mas Malo.

First, download the app. Next, upload your script or speech and customize how you want it displayed. Then, just press play and start reading the highlighted words while supplying all appropriate emotion and facial expression. The teleprompter will follow your voice and stop whenever you decide to pause.

Even if it’s for nondramatic effect.

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