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Pie Another Day

A New Place to Get Serious About Pie

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If you look out your window right now, you’ll notice that it’s pie season.


You know.


Pie season.

Ergo: Baker Miller, a place that takes the subject of baked goods and the autumnal comfort that comes from consuming them quite seriously, is now open in Lincoln Square.

The two owners founded Bang Bang Pie Shop. But this time, they wanted to move into some intense new directions involving hand-milled flour and freshly ground grits. So if you’re looking for in-depth conversations about heritage grains or to pick up a giant sack of fancy flour, this is your place.

Fortunately, it’s also just a place to eat pies.

A sunny café-type spot with white walls, brightly painted chairs and original artwork. Take a look at this slideshow. You’ll get it.

As for the good stuff, there’s...

Sweet pies.
Your cherries, your peach-raspberries, your butterscotches, your Thanksgiving pumpkins. (See the menu here.)

Savory pies.
Your chicken-sausage-and-havarti breakfast hand ones. Your chicken pot ones.

A fully equipped “toast bar.”
Complete with anything that plays well with toast, like preserved cherries, raspberries and fresh goat’s milk cheese.

Nobody ever sees the toast bar coming.

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