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Snowshoeing Under the Northern Lights

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Most days, if you feel a chill and see swirling lights in front of you, we’d tell you to see a doctor.

But in this case, we’d just tell you you’re in Sweden.

Because here’s the Northern Lights Snowshoe Safari, a six-day expedition of hiking snowy hills and chasing the aurora borealis through Lapland, Sweden, now booking for a February send-off. (Here’s the slideshow.)

And here’s what you need to know.

You’ll fly into Kiruna.
From there, it’s off to Abisko National Park. It’s about 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle, so... jacket weather. Also, snowshoe weather. They’ll dole those out and show you the ropes.

There’s a lake called Alesjaure.
You’ll venture there via snowmobile-pulled sleds, and that’s where you’ll spend two nights in a heated cabin.

By day: snowshoeing.
Walk around the lake. Challenge someone to a footrace. Try to spot a wolverine.

By night: the northern lights.
Settle in, keep your head on a swivel and look up. If that doesn’t do it for you, there’s also a sauna. It’s less awe-inspiring, but better for your pores.

Return to Abisko.
Take a day for some “you time.” Here that translates to ice climbing, dogsledding and Nordic skiing.

So it’s not to be confused with “downtime.”


Northern Lights Snowshoe Safari
via KE Adventure Travel
Abisko National Park
official website


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