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An Iconic Caribbean Hotel Returns

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You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

For instance: the ’80s.

More specifically, cliffside Caribbean resorts that were big in the ’80s.

Case in point: Malliouhana, a onetime pillar of the jetsetting community in Anguilla, taking reservations now for a November 1 reopening.

If you visited this place during its heyday (or even if you didn’t), you should know that some things have changed—all for the better. Herewith, a rundown...

Then: A strict no-phones policy, with many a shoulder-padded A-lister enjoying the panoramic view from the resort’s cliffside perch.
Now: Fully phone-tolerant, and with a more 1960s-Riviera vibe—more stripes, more pastels, more cabanas. They left the view alone, though. (Check it out here.)

Then: Giorgio Armani christened its private beaches (yes, plural) as the inaugural guest. Possibly in a double-breasted Speedo. Maybe.
Now: You’ll christen its new two-tiered swimming pool as the inaugural floating noodle rider.

Then: An in-house, triple-Michelin-starred restaurant with the single largest wine cellar in the Caribbean.
Now: A new Michelin-starred chef, a sunset-facing bar and a rum lounge.

Rum lounges are essential to securing Caribbean building permits.

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