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Canali and Brunello Cucinelli, Meet Buckhead

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Two new outposts of Italian dappery, Canali (left) and Brunello Cucinelli, opened today in the Buckhead Atlanta complex.

The proper protocol for navigating such a development:

Step 1: Read this.
Step 2: Check them both out in the slideshow right here.
Step 3: Physically check them out. Like in real life.

But back to Step 1. Time for a tale-of-the-tape-style breakdown...

The Pedigree
Canali: They’ve been making all kinds of fine body things in Italy since 1934.
Brunello Cucinelli: They’ve been making all kinds of fine body things in Italy since 1978. They catch on quickly.

The Vibe
Canali: There’s a virtual runway created by four huge flat-screens, featureless mannequins and a dimly lit tie wall.
Brunello Cucinelli: Black-and-white photos of Solomeo. And walnut. So much walnut (in the lamps, in the shoe displays, in the fixtures...).

The Gear
Canali: Red parkas. Leather bags. Blazers with elbow patches presumably engineered specifically for jumping into piles of leaves. Oh, and an in-house tailor. He’s important.
Brunello Cucinelli: Double wool-silk cloth coats with horn buttons. Calfskin moccasins. Chalk-stripe wool flannel pants.

The Takeaway
If we have to write words here, may God have mercy on your soul.

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