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And Here You Have Walls of Weird Socks

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“Big day for your feet.”

And that’s... pretty much the only way to start this thing.

Step into Sock Fancy, a very specific little place that they really nailed the name on. It’s open now in the East Atlanta Village. (These socks are pretty photogenic.)

This would be the shiny new brick-and-mortar from a company that’s had an online subscription service for a couple of years. But henceforth, you’ll just walk in, pick some things out and put them on your feet. It’s a store, so that’s why you can do that now.

Small place, too. Not much going on other than socks. The wall on your right holds most of the tame stuff—your dots and stripes and American flags.

And over to your left is a special bounty that you can only find in-store—your bacon and laser guns and stegosauruses-that-are-also-tacos. You hardly ever see tacosaurus socks, so it’s nice that they have those.

Among the remaining handfuls of miscellany: things like T-shirts, boxer briefs and a few pairs of funky sneakers. Socks pair well with all of those.

Feels like we owe you a sock-puppetry joke or something.


Sock Fancy
439 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Ste A
Atlanta, GA, 30316


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