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The Frye Company Finds a Home at PCM

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1863: A guy named John Frye starts making shoes.

1864 to 2014: 150 years go by.

2015: The Wet Hot American Summer prequel debuts. Also, Frye’s ghost is still making shoes.

Getting better with age is The Frye Company, a cavernous den of footwear and almost-too-soft leather goods that you’ve admired from afar/the Internet but will now see in person because it’s opening Friday at Ponce City Market. (Lot of leather in this slideshow.)

Within its tall brick walls is a wealth of shoe history. Some boots are similar to ones they made 152 years ago (Patton wore a pair somewhere between now and then). Others are modern. All of them work like normal shoes.

After entering, you’ll notice the dark wood and Oriental rugs beneath you. And above you, the not-small chandelier made from 7,000 strips of leather and 28,000 rings often found in their boots.

Speaking of, there’s everything from casual ones to hiking ones to wingtip ones. Plus some leather and suede sneakers and brogues that’ll handle all the other situations in your life that require shoes. So, most situations.

And in the back: many, many bags. That’s because this is the only store nationwide that carries every single men’s bag they make.

Bag trivia.


The Frye Company
at Ponce City Market
675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Ste E178
Atlanta, GA, 30308


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