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Hot Shaves and Fake Taxidermy in Kirkwood

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Trophy rooms don’t make you think of haircuts.

Well... hey.

Hey, bub.

It’s time to change your thinking.

Try to forget that we just called you “bub” and focus on the Trophy Room Barber Shop instead, an old-school barbershop with razors, beard oil and other tools necessary for shortening your hair length, hoping to soft-open Saturday in Kirkwood. (See the slideshow here.)

What you have here is a barbershop in its purest form.

Let’s see, there’s a revolving striped pole in the window. A barber named Rolando who’s legitimately interested in your life story. A growing collection of vintage trophies (starting with a 1956 Memphis sports car club cup). And a cardboard elephant head on the wall. Okay, maybe its second-purest form...

So to be clear: if you want to frost your tips, this isn’t really the place. But if you want to get something like a beard trim or a haircut that comes with a hot-lather straight-razor neck shave, a hot-towel facial and a back massage involving a motorized hand contraption... then this is definitely the place.

No offense to your tips.


Trophy Room Barber Shop
1610 Hosea L Williams Dr NE
Atlanta, GA, 30317


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