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Hyde Park Gets a Yusho

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Hyde Park’s been getting a ton of good restaurants lately.

Could always use one more, though.

Unless you have something against crispy pig’s tails and Japanese whiskey.

In which case, just... bless your heart.

Otherwise, enjoy yourself at Yusho Hyde Park, now firmly rooted in the South Side to deliver those very things to your face. (See the slideshow here.)

It’s not a clone of the Logan Square spot. For one, it’s a lot smaller. It’s got some mid-century-ness going on courtesy of the chairs that once belonged to an IBM worker cafeteria.

And there’s a smaller version of the bar where you can sit on a casual date and watch the chefs make your octopus with egg yolk sauce. Still. Sacrifices had to be made. So it’s not a full bar—two Japanese whiskeys. Four American whiskeys. One draft beer. One calamansi daiquiri on draft. Lots of sake. Read: acceptable sacrifices.

And instead of whole pig’s heads on the menu, look for things like a ramen-meets-matzo-ball-style soup and fried-chicken steamed buns—a delicacy so rare that only staff members were allowed to know of its existence. Here, they’re learning to share.

So you don’t have to get rough with them.


Yusho Hyde Park
1301 E 53rd St
(at Kimbark)
Chicago, IL, 60615


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