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LA’s Most Important Burger Comes to Chicago

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Umami Burger Wicker Park, that LA-born powerhouse of beef between buns, wantonly throws itself at Chicago on Thursday.

High noon.

Heady, momentous times these are.

So without any further ado, here’s what you really need to know...

They take the umami part seriously.
Yes, it’s sometimes called the “fifth taste.” It gets you right there and there. Good stuff. They’ve developed toppings like parmesan crisps, beer cheddar cheese and truffle glazes to help punctuate it.

The menu is strictly for beginners. (And you can see it here.)
It’s got six beef burgers (including the double-decker, bacon-laden B.U.B.) plus ahi, turkey and veggie burgers. Oh, and a Chicago-only Calabrese pork sausage number. Uttering secret phrases like “cheesy tots” will make other good things happen.

The artwork is wondrous.
Mostly because it depicts hamburgers as superheroes. (See the slideshow here.) We hear it’s already been optioned by Sony.

Stay for dessert.
It involves things like salted caramel ice cream between two snickerdoodles. Bonus: you get to say “snickerdoodle.”

They have a Maple Bacon Old Fashioned cocktail.
And eight others.

But that one pairs best with bacon.

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