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How to Order Your Own Backyard Rock Concert

None Going to rock concerts.

You used to do that.

But now you’re older, wiser, more mature and sophisticated-ier.

So you just let the rock concerts come to you.

Yes, it’s the dawning of the age of Fanswell, a service that matches you with performers prepared to rock your next backyard soiree, now online.

This is a little bit like or Tinder for you and rock stars. Rock stars who perform where and when you want them to. Okay, we’re using rock “star” a little loosely here. The site is new. There are no Maroon 5s or Nicki Minajs just yet. But there are some pretty respectable touring bands more than capable of entertaining your friends for an evening.

So go to their site. Find some interesting bands. Send one of them an email outlining your budget, and send a few pictures of where they’ll play, whether it’s your backyard, rooftop, yacht, underground bunker. They’ve seen it all.

Said performer will respond and specify what kind of setup they need—equipment, travel arrangements, refreshments and whether they want you to remove all the green M&M’s from the bowl in their dressing room.

Just kidding. They don’t expect a dressing room.

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