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Heli-Skiing and Yurting in Kyrgyzstan

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If we told you about HeliNomads—a roughly weeklong excursion in Kyrgyzstan where you’ll heli-ski, sleep in yurts and lounge in Russian steam baths—well, you’d probably have some questions. So let’s get to it. (Actually, let’s get to it after you check out the slideshow.)

Where’s this again?
The Tian Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan. Central Asia. Below Kazakhstan... if that helps any.

Sorta... What’ll we do there?
Heli-ski, mostly. Good ol’-fashioned jumping out of choppers and cutting through up to 11 miles of fresh powder. Then a dip in the heated outdoor pool or sweating it out in a Russian banya.

Who’s going?
They require a minimum of a baker’s dozen. So you and 12 friends. Or very trusting strangers.

What’s the hotel like?
It’s a lot like a yurt.

Because it is a yurt. You know, those round tent-like structures? That.

Huh. Okay. Why Kyrgyzstan?
Easy. It’s 94% mountains. The powder’s so good, they call it the “Switzerland of Central Asia.”

Intriguing. When should I go?
Their season is late January to mid-March. And you can book this thing now.

Is that it?
Guess so.

Well, this feels anticlimactic.
... There’ll be vodka.

Okay, now we’re done.

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