The Eastman Egg Company

Yolk of Genius

Egg Sandwiches and Good Coffee in the Loop

“You can’t make an omelet without cracking a few eggs.”

So smart.

Whoever said that first was so smart.

And definitely helped pave the way for The Eastman Egg Company, a new purveyor of fine breakfast sandwiches that’s getting ready to hatch as early as Tuesday in the Loop.

These are the same people who drive around the Loop doling out morning deliciousness in the form of direct-from-the-farm egg sandwiches on locally made pretzel rolls with New Zealand cheeses, smoked turkey and sweet-chili sauces.

But since they figured morning isn’t the time for you to be chasing a food truck around: this...

A simple setup—few tables. Few outlets for your laptop. The smell of bacon conveniently everywhere.

Pop in on your way to work and peruse a menu of seven egg sandwiches with names like The Scoundrel and The Captain. Evaluate their respective strengths (pork sausage vs. salsa verde; seven-grain roll vs. ciabatta) and decide whether or not a bacon-gingersnap cookie is an acceptable breakfast dessert.

Don’t f**k that decision up.


The Eastman Egg Company
23 N Wacker Dr
(between Washington and Madison)
Chicago, IL, 60606

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