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Military-Grade Bags for Hiding Things

The word of the day is: inconspicuous.

\ˌin-kən-ˈspi-kyə-wəs, -kyü-əs\ adj. 1. Not easy to see or notice.

As in, when you’re carrying your laptop in a foreign country, you want it to be inconspicuous.

Here to help you out with that: Able Archer, with a collection of five different duffels, backpacks and bags inspired by military gear, now online.

The guy behind it: Miguel Hurtado. He thought people like war photographers and yourself might need a bag to carry cameras, passports and other stuff that doesn’t scream “I’m a bag carrying cameras, passports and other stuff.” Then, to be sure, he tested it over five years in places like Cairo. And it worked. Nice.

Ergo: some bags made of heavy-duty canvas with all sorts of hidden zippers and elastic pockets. None of that Velcro business here. That’s not inconspicuous.

They come in four neutral colors based on the military’s camouflage. And all that webbing on the outside is MOLLE-compatible. Which just means you can attach things to it.

Think about the fun. From here on out, when someone asks you, “Where’s your laptop?” you’ll say, “What laptop?”

And they’ll say, “Knock it off.”

So fun.

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