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Like Batting Cages, but for Basketball

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“The greatest basketball players come from Woodland Hills...”

Is something people might say.

One day.

Put the ball in the hole at The Shot Zone, a new basketball-training complex with machines helping you shoot 1,000 balls in a half hour, now open in Woodland Hills. (See the slideshow here.)

It’s like batting cages for basketball—a gleaming spread of sprung hardwood maple floors from the guys behind the court at Barclays Center, where you’ll have your own hoop. And that hoop is attached to a machine that shoots balls at you and retrieves all your shots. So you can focus on the balls shooting at you.

Just show up between 6am and 10pm, rent your zone, select your chosen pace and position, and select your patron saint of basketball for the day. And then... go.

Oh, and if your handling needs work, there are spaces for that, too. They’ve got flat-screens with Guitar Hero–esque programs to help you out.

And then comes the payoff: you’ll start killing it at your weekly pickup games. You’ll dominate multiple generations at Nerf Hoop. You’ll...

Never miss a trash can with balled-up paper again.


The Shot Zone
21320 Oxnard St
Woodland Hills, CA, 91367


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