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This just in:

Bar Takito, a major spin-off from Wicker Park’s Takito, is opening tomorrow in the West Loop right off the Green Line. (See the slideshow here.)

Yes, it’s another Mexican place. Sure seems like there’ve been a lot of those this summer.

But let us give you one little tiny detail about it anyway...

Beer tortillas.
They’re making beer tortillas. Yeah. With malt extract and Negra Modelo and everything. So that’s pretty cool. Probably worth ordering some lamb barbacoa to test them out.

And that’s about it. Oh, except...

The ceviche bar is also a bar bar.
One half of it serves things like fresh salmon ceviche tippled with whiskey, bass ceviche with tequila and oyster shooters with a hint of cachaça. The other half serves liquor without any fish at all.

But while we’re on the subject of cocktails, we should also mention...

The Peruvian margarita is made with aji amarillo chili from Peru.
It’s supposed to be even spicier than their famous Caliente margarita, but not as hot as their ghost chili hot sauce.

Oh, and speaking of hot...

It’s a good-looking hangout.
Fun vibe. Street-art murals. A DJ mixing upbeat indie pop and rock en español. Vintage typewriters everywhere.

Other than that, though, totally just another Mexican place.

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