GIF Exchange

A Personal GIF Factory in Your Phone

None Imagine if everything you touched turned into a GIF.

You’d be like King Midas, but with slightly less lucrative powers.

You’d also be using Camoji, a new app that lets you instantly record GIFs and distribute them any way you see fit, now available for iPhone.

You already know what a GIF is. You may even have a firm opinion on whether that “g” is hard or soft. But you’ve never had such easy access to them. Because this app lets you send them directly from iMessage.

When you download the app, there’ll be none of that “create an account” business. It’s just ready to go.

Start transforming yourself or the world around you into never-ending animated images by tapping the screen. Add words if you have something funny to say. Finally, swipe up to text it to your friends. Or perfect strangers. We’re not judging.

And, most importantly, consider this your chance to become a better communicator. Replace meaningless small talk with an infinite loop of a squirrel eating leftover tater tots. React to genuinely funny things with genuine laughter and not the word “ha” strung together several times.

Unless you still need to fake-laugh.

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