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The Gage and Dawson Guys Go Italian

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Bit of a good news/bad news situation for you today.

First, the bad news: Henri is officially, totally, irretrievably dead.

Which technically isn’t really news.

So it’s just a good news situation, we guess.

And here it is:

The era of Acanto dawns with a healthy splash of Italian in the former Henri space tomorrow night.

It looks like you have questions. Shoot.

Is this an Italian version of Henri?
Certainly not. Okay, a little. The owners are the same—your old pals from the Gage next door and the Dawson. So that’s nice.

But that means what?
Henri was a precious little jewel box of Frenchness. But here, you’re working with velveteen walls, a burnt-orange banquette and art deco chandeliers. So... not too shabby, either.

So jeans are okay?
For cheese and Campari-and-sodas on the patio after the Art Institute, who’s going to stop you...

Should I bring clients or not?
Only if your clients are impressed by sophisticated versions of classic veal parmesan, ribeye for two, saffron fusilli and 300 wines.

Geez, 300 wines. Where do I start?
Good point. You should probably start with a cocktail instead, like the #5, a whiskey-and-pistachio-orgeat aperitivo. Then wine.

Maybe just point randomly.


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