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When a Pizza Place Opens a Bagel Shop: This

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You know that old trope...

The family that makes bagels together stays together.

Well, hate to break it to you. No truth. None.

What is true: the family that makes bagels together eventually stops making them, gets into the pizza game and then like, oh, 15 or so years later starts making bagels again.

Proving that once again is Brobagel, the triumphant return of some of the best bagels this old town has ever seen, opening Friday in Wicker Park.

In the ’80s, bagels weren’t as ubiquitous as they are today. So when the guys opened the Jacob Bros. Bagels store back in the day, Chicagoans were talking schmears with the best of Brooklyn. Then the guys sold it. Then one of them opened a little pizzeria-and-brewpub called Piece.

Fast-forward to Friday: bagels. So many bagels in a sliver of a space right next to Piece.

Stop in and pick up a bag for the office. You’ll find a dozen kinds—including one brewed with Piece’s beer—plus bagel sandwiches, a pizza bagel (naturally), their own Metropolis coffee blend and innovations like sriracha cream cheese.

Sriracha technology wasn’t fully developed in the ’80s.


1931 W North Ave
(at Winchester)
Chicago, IL, 60622


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