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30 Years’ Worth of Old-School TV

“I mean, would it kill someone to make a website where I can watch old episodes of Who’s the Boss and then catch a Cabbage Patch Kids commercial or something?”

Hey, terrific news: you don’t have to ask that anymore...

Thank My Decade TV, a new site where you flip through actual programming from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s on fake yet period-appropriate TVs, online now.

You’ll pick a decade. You’ll turn it on. You’ll change channels. You’ll feel all nostalgic and great because that’s what Toad the Wet Sprocket videos do to you.

In fact, this calls for a highlight reel:

The ’70s
—Lost Rod Serling interview.
Schoolhouse Rock. So much Schoolhouse Rock.
—Morgan Freeman as a DJ on The Electric Company.
—John Lennon on Dick Cavett.
—Fans reacting to the Beatles’ breakup.

The ’80s
—Pre-Sajak Wheel of Fortune.
—Elton John on Donahue.
—Kraftwerk live.
Who’s the Boss, “Angela’s First Fight.”
—17-year-old Jason Bateman in Valerie.

The ’90s
Addams Family cereal commercial.
—Original Garfield Saturday morning cartoons.
—Cybill Shepherd in a L’Oréal spot.
—Cabbage Patch Kids “Bath Baby” commercial.

Oh God, they made a Bath Baby.

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