Seeing Bubble

You. In a Bubble Suit. Playing Soccer.

None And now, a few notable bubbles throughout history:

—Bubble Wrap
—Dubble Bubble
—Mr. Bubble

Oh, and the one you’re about to put on.

Yep, suit up for Bubble Strike Miami. It’s just a regular ol’ soccer match... using giant plastic bubble suits. And it’s taking registrations now.

This is your chance to make like a World Cup contender, without that pesky “injury” thing. See, these guys have everything you need for a day of fútbol: goalposts, soccer balls, a referee and... humongous inflatable bubbles. That’s what you’ll be wearing throughout the match. Because safety first. (Actually, practicing bubble chest bumps first. Then, safety.)

Two ways of going about this:

1. Host the weirdest soccer party in Miami.
You: lock down the field and a group of friends. Bubble Strike: will bring all of the aforementioned equipment to you.

2. Sign up for a match.
They host them every Saturday, depending on the number of registrants that week. You’ll head to either Wynwood Soccer or Soccer Rooftop in Brickell for the 8pm game. Then, you’ll crank out a few warm-up stretches and hit the field in your bubble while a DJ spins on the sidelines.

Because of course there’s a DJ.


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