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A Big Blue Room Full of Spiked Tea and Bao

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December 16, 1773: That whole Boston Tea Party thing.

1774 to 2013: Nothing really comes to mind.

Right about now: The rise of Limoo Tea Bar, a delightful new establishment where you’ll need ID to order the tea because it’s full of alcohol, opening Tuesday in Allston.

Here’s the part where we tell you things:

You’ll find two distinct areas.
And they’re both giving off an aggressive Tron vibe. Up front: a 24-foot-long birch table and not much else. In back: a clubby lounge area with a wraparound booth and plentiful two-tops. Everywhere: blank white surfaces and glowing blue LED lights. That’s why we made a Tron joke.

This tea is not like other tea.
Which has something to do with all of the alcohol in it. You’ve got matcha tea with Baileys. Milk black tea with Jameson. And an as-yet-unnamed concoction made with rosewater, Persian saffron and... vodka. Sorry if you wanted that last part to be more exotic.

You’ve got quail egg privileges.
Meaning you can add them to the likes of banh mi bao and steak-shawarma-filled pita at your discretion.

With great quail egg power comes great responsibility.

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