San Francisco Champagne Society

Major ’Pagne

A Reservations-Only Champagne Den in SoMa

None Every once in a while, a great idea comes along that’s just so obvious.

Steak knives. Slip ’N Slides. Reservations-only champagne rooms.

Congratulations, you’re free to visit the San Francisco Champagne Society, a reservations-only champagne bar run by a guy named Bill—open now.

You probably just got a vision of some stuffy, opulent room filled with women fingering pearl necklaces and men who laugh somewhat haughtily with their necks craned back. This is definitely not that. At all. You’ll see.

First, you’ll email Bill. He’s gone to Champagne about a million times, and he’s collected all sorts of rare bottles that he’s excited to share. If you want to set up some flights of 2008 Aubry with a date, great. If you want to down a couple Pierre Gimonnet magnums with a few friends, sure. If you want to drink everything while standing on your left foot, well, you might weird Bill out a little, but your call. Point is, he’ll make whatever arrangements you want.

And as for the space: it’s super-casual. Like, great-uncle’s-apartment-in-the-burbs casual. A couch, a table, a kitchen. Whatever. Doesn’t matter.

Wasn’t it Eliot who said, “There is no finer arbiter of ambience than a popping cork”?

Nope. Sure wasn’t.


San Francisco Champagne Society
1097 Howard St #101
(at 7th)
San Francisco, CA, 94103

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