Tale of the Tape

A Tale of Two Tent Camps in Tanzania

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If you’re going to stay in a tent on the African plains, better cast your lot with some folks who know all about tents in Africa. Here then: two new tent camps by one of Tanzania’s top outfitters.

Meet Kigelia Ruaha and Kuro Tarangire (pictured), your new options for camping-that-doesn’t-feel-like-camping in the African bush. Decisions, decisions.

While you’re getting comfortable on the fence, we’ll weigh the options for you, tale-of-the-tape-style...

The Locations
Kigelia Ruaha: On the Ifuguru Sand River in Tanzania’s south, this super-remote camp, open year-round, sits in a grove of Kigelia or “sausage trees.”
Kuro Tarangire: Farther north, near the Silale Swamp in Tarangire National Park, this one’s open during the dry season only (June to November), lest things get too swampy.
Edge: Kigelia Ruaha. You’ve always wanted to spend New Year’s Eve on the Sand River.

The Game
Kigelia Ruaha: This is where the predators are, from leopards to hyenas to lions.
Kuro Tarangire: Massive herds of elephants, buffalo and zebras. Also 550 species of birds.
Edge: Kigelia Ruaha. Big cats always win out. Just try not to look delicious.

The Tents
Kigelia Ruaha: Six huge tents with verandas, solar lighting and hot water on demand—the better to fill your bucket shower.
Kuro Tarangire: Same as above, only those bucket showers are en suite.
Edge: Kuro Tarangire. You demand privacy in your bucket-related amenities.


Kigelia Ruaha
via Nomad Tanzania
Ruaha National Park
United Republic of Tanzania
official website

Kuro Tarangire
via Nomad Tanzania
Tarangire National Park
United Republic of Tanzania
official website


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