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Do-Rite Donuts Gets into the Fried-Chicken Game

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Fried chicken.

Bet you’re wondering what wonderful things would happen if those two delicious entities made sweet, savory love to each other.

Well, you sick SOB, here’s what happens: Do-Rite Donuts and Chicken, where the lines between poultry and pastry are flagrantly flouted, now open in Streeterville.

Okay, let’s back up a bit. Yes, this is the offshoot of the Do-Rite in the Loop. It’s also pretty small in here. Not much more than a counter and a menu board. But there’s a nice shaded patio out front, so you’ll want to get comfortable.

Sit down with a cup of iced Nutella coffee and get heavily involved with lemon-glazed old fashioned, Meyer-lemon-and-pistachio and Tahitian vanilla donuts. In other words, your old friends from the Loop shop are all present and accounted for.

But here, fried-chicken sandwiches join them. They brine the chickens for 12 hours in buttermilk, fry them to order and serve them on brioche buns. Regular or spicy, your call. Can’t beat that. Unless you know this...

You won’t see it on the menu, but if you lean in and nonchalantly ask for your chicken to be served between a sliced donut (a yeast is the ideal choice), then that’s exactly what you shall receive.

Just kidding. You don’t have to be nonchalant.


Do-Rite Donuts and Chicken
233 E Erie St
(between Fairbanks and St. Clair)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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