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Fort Lauderdale’s Newest Brewery

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Today, we’d like for you to meet LauderAle. It’s in Fort Lauderdale. You see what they’ve done there. Anyway, it’s a 3,200-square-foot warehouse dedicated to the art of the ale, and they’re opening their doors tomorrow. Below: the essentials.

The vibe: Warehouse industrialness. As in six fermenters, four picnic tables and a wood bar. It’s a no-frills situation. But hey—you’re here for the beer.

The pedigree:
You’ve got a former real estate broker and a naval architect brewing the beer here. Makes total sense.

Number of beers made on-site:
Currently, three. An American IPA, a porter and a saison.

Number of beers on tap:
See above. But also, three rotating guest taps from some local guys like Due South and Funky Buddha. Love thy neighbor and all.

The food situation:
You’ll find a couple of food trucks parked outside.

The unexpected beer:
Well, all three. Because you won’t find their beers outside of this warehouse. Even if you squint really hard.


3305 SE 14th Ave, Bldg 4
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33316


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