Mustache Rides

Lyft Lands in NYC

None Look...

It’s a bird.

It’s a plane.

It’s... a giant pink, fuzzy mustache, and it’s taking you to the Upper East Side.

It’s Lyft, the ride-booking app that’s finally arrived in New York, available now for iPhone and Android.

Odds are you’ve heard of these guys. They started in SF with an operation where regular people use their own cars to give other regular people rides. (Think UberX before UberX.) Now, 64 cities and a bit of legal maneuvering later, they’re here.

So let’s say you need to get 40 blocks in the rain, stat. Open the app and tap “Request Lyft.” You’ll see a photo of the driver and the car that’s coming for you. (For now, it’s all black cars—they’re still working on the regular-drivers aspect here. We’re guessing it’s the whole “New Yorkers don’t really drive a lot” thing.)

When they arrive, the car will be wearing a huge pink mustache. Dead giveaway. Then, once you’ve reached your destination, your driver rates you and vice versa. (Meaning: if you want those rain-rides to keep coming, be nice.)

Soon enough, you can also be a Lyft driver. All you need is a car, the app, some spare time and an unusually high tolerance for pink mustaches.

Mostly that last one.

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