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Nude Swimming: A Cinematic Retrospective

15 Photos A Cinematic Retrospective of Skinny Dipping
None 15 Photos A Cinematic Retrospective of Skinny Dipping
In honor of the impending arrival of summer’s hottest month, we thought we’d take this time to...

Well, to create a skinny dipping slideshow.

Specifically, A Cinematic Retrospective of Skinny Dipping, a visual journey through film’s most important and naked water scenes, which you may now view right here.

First off: fine. You got us. Not every shot in here is from a movie. But Kate Moss didn’t think you would mind. Neither did Brooklyn Decker.

And besides, for every rogue entry, there’s an Elisabeth Shue in Cocktail or a Ludivine Sagnier in Swimming Pool standing at the ready to get things back on track. And so it is with full hearts and starry eyes that we urge you to sit back, relax and... look at pictures of naked people swimming.

You’re not even reading this part anyway.

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