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The Peruvian Jungle by Land and River

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Your choices today:

A) A suite on a riverboat yacht.
B) A treehouse suspended six stories above the jungle floor.
C) All of the above.

We like C also.

Have your pisco sour and drink it, too, with the Peru Amazon Cruise and Lodge Package, two days of lounging in Peruvian jungle trees and four days cruising the Amazon on a ridiculously nice riverboat, taking reservations now.

This sounds like a packing challenge. And it is. You might want to start with this stuff.

Dependable shoes: When you arrive at the Treehouse Lodge, your room may be the one 67 feet above ground. And no one’s giving you a piggyback.

Walking stick: Great for the guided night walks through the jungle in search of hoatzin birds. Also might be handy if the monkeys start eyeballing your trail mix...

SPF: Once you board your Amazon riverboat for phase two, fight the temptation to sequester yourself in your air-conditioned, minibar-equipped suite. Instead, head to the top deck for epic pink-dolphin viewing.

English-Jivaroan dictionary: When you dock for a picnic lunch with the local Jibaro chief, you don’t want any awkward exchanges over what’s in the stew.

A camera: Because duh.

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