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Handmade Leather Things from Europe

Hey, uh, don’t mean to call you out, but your phone is showing.

Yeah... embarrassing. Let’s get a cover on that, shall we.

Doing such things in particularly dapper fashion is Mellon Kreft, a just-launched repository for functional leather goods like phone cases and wallets, online now.

This is pretty simple. You have things like a phone and keys and cash. Those things need homes, and you’d never deny them homes. So... that’s where this stuff comes in. Ruggedly handsome leather goods crafted from a single piece of material, which means no stitching. And crafted by a guy named Rok. No, not The Rock. That’s Dwayne Johnson. He was the Scorpion King. This is Rok Krivec. He’s the leather king.

So now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s begin outfitting your stuff. That iPhone case is a fine place to start. From there, maybe a key clip made from Italian vegetable-tanned leather. Or a minimalist wallet for storing your cash and saying to anyone within earshot, “Hey, check out my minimalist wallet.”

And then prepare to get robbed.

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