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Prom’ Night

Two Stories of Patios and Good Times

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Cooking over an open fire.

Great when you do it. Great when your dad did it. Great when cavemen did it.

But it’s probably better when guys from Dusek’s and Longman & Eagle do it...

Ergo: The Promontory, where open-hearth cooking pits, cocktails and live music all comingle into one big ball of everything, opening tomorrow in Hyde Park.

The essential breakdown:

Half of this place is basically a patio.
It’s modern and airy with an indoor-outdoor layout on both levels. Amazing what they can do with an old Borders bookstore these days.

But soon, you’ll take the party upstairs.
The second floor is a concert venue slated to open this fall, with a mix of touring and local acts. Convenient if you enjoy bobbing your head.

Quails get strung up here.
The oven is basically a big, ember-filled fireplace where cauldrons of burgoo (a Kentucky-style stew) bubble and hanging quails roast. Somehow they also manage to do spaghetti and meatballs.

Ordering drinks: a little like playing Battleship.
The menu is... complicated. Along the side, choose your liquor. Along the top, how you like it (stirred, shaken, carbonated). One potential intersection: Roots & Malt, a concoction of housemade root beer and rye.

Or as you like to call it, a direct hit.

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