Meet Your Maker

Montreal Made You Things. Here They Are.

They say it’s the little things that make life count.

Yes, surfboard combs made by Canadians count...

We’ll just direct you to The Make Co., a Montreal-based producer of functional yet kind of exquisite things for your bike, your money and your surfboard, online now.

You can already thank Canada’s second largest city for Arcade Fire, weird bagels and poutine. But you’re about to get four new reasons to write Montreal a thank-you note. Specifically:

1) Wooden bike racks. Walnut or maple ones that let you hang your bike on the wall like a picture. A beautiful, bipedal picture.

2) A better way to hold your money. That would involve an M-shaped, solid bronze or copper money clip that flexes to accommodate different amounts of cash. Some former presidents will thank you.

3) A way to hang your surfboard, too. A stainless-steel rack that mounts to your wall and proudly displays your surfboard like an exotic game trophy.

4) Tiny little combs. For... combing your surfboard. Which is an actual thing. They come complete with leather sheaths to house them during non-combing moments.

We’ll assume you have those.

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