Italian Cinema as an Amusement Park

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Gangs of New York. La Dolce Vita. Ben-Hur.

Put ’em all together and what do you get... a theme park. In Italy.


Say ciao to Cinecittà World, a movie-themed amusement park built alongside some of filmdom’s most legendary shooting lots, opening Thursday outside of Rome.

Here’s the raw, celluloid-inspired data...

Movies and television shows produced by Cinecittà studios in Italy and the US: about 3,000 (give or take a Scorsese)
Acres of theme park splendor: 60
Oscars won by films shot here: 38
Oscars won by the art director who designed the park: 3 (out of 9 nominations)
Minutes it’d take to get to the park from Rome on a Vespa (responsibly): about 15
Attractions inspired by the likes of Ben-Hur and spaghetti Westerns: 38 (eventually)
Promenades replicating the Gangs of New York set: 1
Chances you’ll see Daniel Day-Lewis there: probably zero
World’s longest water coaster: 1,800 feet
Length of the water coaster here: 1,800 feet (we’ll let that sink in)
Times you will be upside down on the flagship roller coaster: 10
Chances you’ll regret any pre-coaster plates of pasta carbonara: 100%

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