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Rev Run

A River North Burger Joint with So Much Beer

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It’s another burger place.

But... hold up. This one has 100 beers.

So it’s another burger place with 100 beers.

Let us know if you mind.

Otherwise, here’s Rev Burger, an intriguing plane of existence populated by charbroiled burgers and fry-less fries, soft-opening Sunday and being explained right down there now.

In a lot of ways, this is just an upgrade on the typical burger/hot dog/Italian beef joint you’d duck into during a lunch break.

It’s on the ground level of a River North high-rise. It has really tall ceilings. It has ketchup-red chairs. It has a line that you stand in. It has a person at the counter to whom you’ll say things like “I would now care to enjoy one of your half-pound burgers with bacon, onion and BBQ sauce, please.”

Another viable option: hop into a booth and place your order via iPad. Scroll through the full menu of all-beef hot dogs, Italian beef, sweet potato tots and fry-less fries, which are cooked in a special oven designed specifically for such things.

And that part about the 100 beers: true story.

Otherwise we would be d*cks.

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