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Bags and Belts and Other Things, Too

What’s got two hands and a limited capacity for carrying stuff?

This guy.

That guy, too, now that we think of it.

So let’s talk bags.

Vacation better with W Durable Goods, a Fort Worth–based outfit that’s making rugged duffels, dopp kits and additional things that carry other things, open now.

First up, you’ll have to find this stuff. You can do that by visiting their Fort Worth studio or the Internet. Whichever’s closer to your house. And once there, you’ll see:

1. Waxed twill duffel bags. Those come in navy or olive, and they’ll look great slung across your shoulder as you board an airplane.

2. And dopp kits. Canvas, water-resistant ones with leather pull tabs. Only the best for your toothbrush.

3. Leather wallets, too. We’re talking two-pocket numbers with a snap closure.

4. Plus something called a train case. It looks like a cotton, zippered lunch box with a leather handle. So... pack a few sandwiches.

5. They also make belts. Those are made of hand-stitched bridle leather and finished with a solid brass buckle.

Your pants are nodding in approval.


W Durable Goods
1543 N Main St
Fort Worth, TX, 76164

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