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Perfectly Tailored Suits in the West Village

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So you want a new suit.

One that’s made from fine Italian fabric, that’s tailored to your exact specifications and that won’t cost you a couple of appendages.

Ha, okay...

No, really, okay.

Welcome Suitsupply. The European purveyor of fine suits, shirts and other things that improve appearances has just opened its first stand-alone store in Dallas. You can find it in the West Village, and you can see it here.

Inside it’s like a colorful dreamscape of leafy trees, aquatic imagery and sharply dressed mannequins. Go ahead and take a lap to get the lay of the land. Notice the racks of shirts and sport coats lining the walls. Look upon the rows and rows of ties. Head back to the made-to-measure section and rub some Italian fabric between your fingers before making an astute comment like “Nice.”

Then go ahead and get yourself the kind of dapper gray linen suit that makes wedding season more bearable. And if you need something tailored, no problem. Because up front there’s a team of scissor-wielding experts who’ll quickly hem this and take in that while you wait.

It’s convenient for you, but not so great for your regular tailor.

Sorry, Roger.


3700 McKinney Ave, Ste 100
Dallas, TX, 75204


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