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Detroit-Made Watches and Bikes in Plano

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When you want Chicago-style pizza, go to Chicago.

Makes sense.

So when you want Detroit-made handsomeness...

Go to Plano.


Because as of today, a couple of Detroit’s finest exports have just landed side-by-side on 15th Street in Downtown Plano.

In one corner: Shinola (pictured left), that American-made bastion of good-looking watches, rugged leather and perfectly straightforward bicycles. Walk amongst the wooden tables and glass displays to find large-face watches with stainless-steel cases and Horween-leather straps. Then hop aboard one of those single-speed bikes. Then good luck keeping your eyes on the road and not on your newly decorated wrist.

In the other corner: Willys Detroit, a Shinola sister store with brick walls and metal racks that’s a real trove of summer-ready gear. Grab yourself a Steven Alan shirt and a pair of Mollusk shorts to shove into a durable Filson canvas bag. Then go. Make big plans. Hit the road. Find a beach. Or just always be prepared with a change of clothes.

And now, take a look for yourself.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words.

And no one wants to read that many words.


Shinola and Willys Detroit
1039 E 15th St
Plano, TX, 75074


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