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Sorry, we couldn’t help but notice you’re squinting...

So take a good, long look at the Warby Parker Classroom, because that online powerhouse of fine-looking glasses has just gone brick and mortar (and school bus) on Henderson. It’s open as of today.

This place is hard to miss. For starters, there’s the big yellow pencil sticking out of the building. Then there’s the big yellow school bus in the parking lot. And of course you’ve got the picnic tables and cornhole setup out front. Can’t forget that. Sure is a lot going on out here.

But still, walk inside. You’ll find wood-paneled walls painted in chalkboard green, assorted books, bowls full of apples... that kind of stuff. And glasses. They’ve got lots of glasses. Like black-rimmed rectangular numbers for seeing better. And something wood grain and tortoiseshell for blocking out the sun whilst simultaneously making your face 63.5% more attractive. On average.

And don’t forget to step inside the school bus. Because it’s not just for show. No, it’s been outfitted with brown leather benches, vintage books and shelves full of frames.

Yep, the old store-in-a-bus approach.


Warby Parker Classroom
2008 N Henderson Ave
Dallas, TX, 75206


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