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Like Kickstarter for Supercars

We have just two crucial words for you today:


And... “vroom”...

And... okay, a few more: meet Blancfleet, a new local startup that’s like a Kickstarter for supercars, online now.

Let’s get the “how it works” stuff squared away up front:

Blancfleet doesn’t have cars. Yet. See, you pledge $68 for an hour of driving, say, a Ferrari 458 Italia (or $136 for two hours, etc.). When enough people have pledged enough hours, Blancfleet buys the car, and you can reserve your hours behind the wheel.

You pick up and drop off the cars at Icon Parking Systems locations, insurance is covered, and blah blah blah. Here’s what you really want to know:

That Ferrari (1), a Lamborghini Gallardo (2) and a Nissan GT-R (3) are up for pledges for now. They’re also looking into a Bugatti Veyron (4), one of the fastest production cars ever built at 254 mph. It can create so much downforce you could, basically, still drive it while it’s upside down.

It... could be tough to talk your way out of that ticket.

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