Tale of the Tape

Two Food Trucks Find Two Permanent Homes

None 4 Photos Husky Hog BBQ and Tamale Station
Good news: two beloved food trucks now have permanent addresses.

Husky Hog BBQ (left) opened a brick-and-mortar operation on a tiny corner of Bridgeport. The Tamale Spaceship has docked at Tamale Station, a counter joint in Wicker Park.

Better news: they’re both open now, and we’re about to shake out the essentials for you.

The Journey Thus Far
Husky Hog: The Tennessee-born, Table Fifty-Two–honed chef was inspired by BBQ Pitmasters and decided to outfit a truck with a smoker, a pig and a dream.
Tamale Station: Some Frontera Grill vets transformed a 1978 Chevy delivery truck into a mobile tamale dispensary decorated like a sci-fi vision quest.
The Takeaway: You can only contain so many dreams and so much science in a truck.

The Space
Husky Hog: Chalkboard wall menu, barbecue competition awards.
Tamale Station: Murals of luchadores, a small patio, menus in the shape of wrestling masks.
The Takeaway: Nothing whets the appetite like mask menus.

The Menu
Husky Hog: Pulled pork, smoked chicken, fried pickles, grits.
Tamale Station: Nine kinds of tamales, four kinds of tacos, quesadillas, Space Guacamole.
The Takeaway: Food is delicious.

The Wow Factor
Husky Hog: Deep-fried Oreos.
Tamale Station: Masked servers.
The Takeaway: A world where both of these things exist is a world worth living in.

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