Gaslight District

A Nice Patio for the Rest of Your Summer

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The Second Half of Summer Handbook clearly states that every time you’re not on a patio drinking frozen cocktails, a baby firefly dies.

It’s in there. Promise.

Better get yourself to the newly reincarnated Gaslight, the second coming of Lincoln Park’s much-loved canned beer, frozen daiquiri and fish taco emporium. It’s open now.

This is where Mickeys used to be. But now it looks like a well-worn beach house instead of a well-worn college bar, complete with distressed-wood walls and banquette cushions that look like they were pulled off of someone’s motorboat.

The narrow inside bar is perfectly fine for watching ESPN and drinking one of 40 canned beers. They’ll even give you a koozie. Because it’s still America, that’s why.

But honestly, the best seat is on the covered patio watching parade after parade of humanity saunter past. Raise a frozen blueberry lemonade cocktail in their general direction. Feel like you’re in on something. Grin if there’s time.

Bottom line: it’s where you can roll in hungry with a little sand between your toes on the way back from Fullerton Beach. The menu’s mainly updated bar classics like mahi-mahi tacos and burgers with truffle-oil-infused aioli.

Which may or may not work for sunburns, too.

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