Bubble Soccer

Bubble Trouble

This Is Bubble Soccer. It’s Nuts.

None Bubble Soccer: it’s what the World Cup would be if the players wore bubbles and played at Chelsea Piers. And if you were on the team.

And since you probably have questions, we’ve put together this FAQ...

WTF is Bubble Soccer?
It’s an almost holy form of idiocy.

Can you be more specific?
Sure. It’s basically full-contact soccer, where you and your competition wear enormous protective bubbles.

Sounds like something that’d be huge in Europe.
You nailed it. (Also: that wasn’t technically a question.)

Fine. So what do they call the bubble?
A BubbleBall.

And what’s the point?
You’re pretty much indestructible. You can do flips, somersaults, barrel rolls—even full-speed, head-on collisions with others.

Will I win any trophies for playing?
They’re forming leagues presently.

How am I supposed to wait for a league now that I know this exists?
Take it easy. Go here and sign up for one of the pickup games at Chelsea Piers starting Saturday.

Are there referees?
Yes, actually.

Can I just buy my own BubbleBall and not worry about “rules”?
Yes. Right here, in fact.

Be straight with me—this is just an excuse to go all sumo on people, right?
Don’t ask questions you already know the answers to.


Bubble Soccer
at the Field House at Chelsea Piers
62 Chelsea Piers
(at 23rd and Hudson River Park)
New York, NY, 10011

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