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Beer, Schnitzel and Sexy Art in River North

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After this weekend, we hope to see you tan, rested and ready to take on the world.

Or at least tan.

And coherent.

And ready to take on a place that’s unafraid to schnitzel the hell out of stuff...

Make way for Bohemian House, a sumptuously appointed swing through the byways of Central Europe conveniently packaged in restaurant form, opening Monday in River North.

You’ll enter through a hand-carved door behind which lies an overstuffed haven chockablock with blue sofas in the front lounge, Moroccan tile around the open kitchen, mismatched antiques behind the bar, hand-painted plates at the dinner table and prints of scantily clad women by Alphonse Mucha (the Hugh Hefner of art nouveau) in the bathroom. Yes, always a nice touch.

It’s the kind of place where it’s probably worth making time for a predinner Manhattan made with fig-and-vanilla-infused bourbon. Or a Czech dark lager, one of the 16 beers on tap.

But make sure you bring a big group. The kind of group you want to impress at the chef’s table. You’ll all settle into a feast of fresh potato pancakes with gravlax, housemade knockwurst and Berkshire pork schnitzel. Or whatever the chef feels like schnitzeling that day.

He does this.


Bohemian House
11 W Illinois St
(between State and Dearborn)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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