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A Bounty of Spanish Seafood in Lakeview

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The Fourth of July belongs to America. We own it. So there.


But, hey, rest of the world: the Third of July is still up for grabs...

Oops. Too late. Spain just called it.

Nice hustle, Spain.

Henceforth, July 3 is MFK Day, because that’s when this itsy-bitsy Iberian-influenced seafood boîte opens in Lakeview.

It’s named for gastronome M.F.K. Fisher, the Hemingway of food writers, who wrote How to Cook a Wolf, a book in which no wolves were actually cooked. They’ve followed her lead here as well.

Anyway, this namesake is tiny. About, oh, 700 square feet. There’s no reservations, either. Plan accordingly.

But once inside, charmed by its creamy colors and idyllic oil paintings, you’ll sit cheek-by-jowl with your neighbors. Great distance for striking up an impromptu conversation with them.

Maybe about how the crunchy prawn heads remind you of that little place in Barcelona. Or how that rosé they’re drinking looks great, but if they like good, strong martinis, definitely try the Mary Frances Kennedy.

You may ask them for advice on ordering the whole octopus with green gazpacho. And, of course, they’ll ask if they can try one of your salt-cured anchovies...

And, of course, you’ll tell them no.

Oh, fine. But just one.


432 W Diversey Pkwy
(between Sheridan and Pine Grove)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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